Subject Wise MCQs


1. History of Periodontics

2. Gingiva and the Periodontium

3. Aging and the Periodontium

4. Defense Mechanisms of Gingiva

5. Classification of Disease of Periodontium

6. Periodontal Microbiology

7. Dental Calculus

8. Trauma from occlusion

9. Stages of gingivitis

10. Acute Gingival Lesion (ANUG/ Herpes)

11. Chemical and mechanical Plaque removal (Chlorhexidine)

12. General Principles of Periodontal surgery

13. Gingivectomy

14. Gingival Curettage and ENAP

15. Flap Surgeries in Periodontics

Conservative Dentistry

MCQs in Conservative dentistry

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